Who is building on Stacks?

The Stacks ecosystem is a collection of independent entities, developers, and community members working to build a user-owned internet on Bitcoin. By design, no one entity is in control of the other, but collectively these entities participate in a governance process to develop, vote on, and implement strategies. This entity formation approach is one of the most understated innovations in the blockchain space. No Stacks entity in the space holds >10% of the circulating STX supply. Even the early investors/entities generally hold less than 5%. These stats are self-reported and from on-chain data and naturally update over time.

Today there are 30+ companies in the ecosystem, including a non-profit Stacks Foundation, a developer tooling company called Hiro, Trust Machines, Xverse, Mechanism, ALEX, Arkadiko, Gamma etc. (the list goes on!) — it is a truly decentralized ecosystem.

Stacks Ecosystem
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