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Starting Stacks

Learn to build full-stack, fully expressive Bitcoin dApps. From complete beginner to professional, Starting Stacks is a roadmap and resource hub for learning how to build the Bitcoin economy with Stacks, the leading Bitcoin layer for smart contracts.

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Developer Roadmap

Step by step guide on becoming a Stacks developer and opening a new world of possibilities.

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Resource Hub

Your guide to exploring everything in the Stacks ecosystem - from the basics of the blockchain to the latest news and articles.

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Teams on Stacks

Building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications.

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5 Steps to Building on Stacks

1. What is Stacks?

Stacks allows us to unlock Bitcoin's functionality and build full-stack decentralized applications on Bitcoin, much like we can on Ethereum, but without modifying Bitcoin itself. The market cap of Bitcoin is more than double that of Ethereum's, but the app ecosystem is nearly non-existent. Learn how Stacks unlocks Bitcoin's latent potential in Stacks Academy.

Unlock Bitcoin
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2. Learn Clarity

Clarity is the smart contract language for the Stacks network. Learn what makes Clarity unique, why you might want to use it over Solidity, and how to write robust, secure smart contracts with it. Depending on your learning style, there is a book, self-paced course, and cohort-based course for you to explore.

Learn Clarity
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3. Build a Full-Stack dApp

After you've learned the basics of how Stacks works and are proficient with Clarity, you'll want to get familiar with the rest of the Stacks ecosystem to start building. The Hello Stacks tutorial will get you up to speed on building full-stack Bitcoin dApps with Stacks.

Build dApp Tutorial
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4. Meet sBTC

sBTC is an upcoming release on the Stacks chain that unlocks the ability to write to the Bitcoin chain, without modifying the chain itself. sBTC is a critical piece of how Stacks enables fully functional decentralized software to be built on top of Bitcoin.

Meet sBTC
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5. Grow Your Skills & Career

After you've familiarized yourself with how Stacks works and have built a few projects, it's time to expand your skills. Learn what grant, fundraising, and job opportunities are available to you as you grow your career in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Find Opportunities
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Resource Hub

There is a lot going on in the Stacks ecosystem. The Resource Hub is your guide to exploring it all. Check out different articles, videos, Twitter spaces, and podcasts all categorized by what they'll help you learn or do.

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Companies & Projects


Hiro builds developer tools for Stacks so you can build applications for Bitcoin.

Hiro's Website
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Trust Machines

Building the largest ecosystem of Bitcoin applications.

Trust Machines' Website
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Xverse is the most advanced Bitcoin wallet. Earn BTC, trade NFTs, and connect to Web3 apps.

Xverse's Website
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