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sBTC will allow Bitcoin to become foundation for a more secure Web3 by enabling trustless writing to Bitcoin and the movement of Bitcoin in and out of Bitcoin layers.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s security

A transaction is nearly impossible to reverse or change once it has settled on Bitcoin. These settlement assurances are critical to the base layer of a network of decentralized apps. Settling the system on Bitcoin grants Stacks novel security properties not seen in other blockchains — it guarantees that all Stacks forks are public and helps nodes identify the canonical Stacks fork and find Stacks blocks they have not yet downloaded.

Bitcoin’s network effects

The world is converging on Bitcoin as a standard, and demand for use cases around Bitcoin is increasing. There is hundreds of billions of capital locked into Bitcoin, most of it as a passive store of value. Instead of competing with Bitcoin, Stacks can provide novel use cases for holders of bitcoin, such as bitcoin-backed loans, bitcoin DeFi or using your bitcoin to trade NFTs.

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