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From Bitcoin DeFi to NFTs and everything between — on Stacks you’ll build apps and smart contracts that make the most of Bitcoin’s powers.

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Follow step-by-step guides and tutorials to get started with Clarity

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Run a local API node

Learn how to support the network by running a Stacks node.

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Build a dapp

Build applications that benefit from key properties of Bitcoin.

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Learn more about building with Clarity and the Stacks token.

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Built on Stacks


Block Survey

No ads, no trackers. Just end-to-end encrypted surveys to ensure you own your own data, while conversational style design boosts completion rates.

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Trustless bitcoin swaps

Trust-less working Bitcoin swaps with NFTs and other crypto-assets built on Stacks, all by pure Bitcoin transactions on the Bitcoin chain.

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Digital property ownership secured by the durability of Bitcoin and NFTs that can earn native BTC yield.

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Unleash Bitcoin

Leverage Bitcoin’s security and over $1T of economic power to build your app. Write smart contracts that directly interact with Bitcoin state, such as a Bitcoin lending app where the BTC never has to leave the Bitcoin blockchain.

Why Bitcoin?
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Functional smart contracts

With Clarity, developers and users alike know exactly what contracts will do before it is executed. It’s a functional, safe and readable language for smart contracts — perfect for high-stakes code where bugs are costly.

Clarity’s Features
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New business models

Stacks’ unique consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer, enables your users to earn a yield without risk of losing their principal.

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Stacks allows you to leverage the power of Bitcoin as you build thanks to its Proof of Transfer consensus mechanism. Smart contracts and transactions on Stacks are settled to Bitcoin, the most decentralized, battle-tested blockchain in existence.

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Clarity Universe

Regardless of your experience level, Clarity Universe will make it easier and faster for you to learn Clarity and begin building.

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Get weekly updates about important technical updates from key Stacks Ecosystem repos and projects delivered weekly. Compiled by the team at Hiro PBC.

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