A new way to earn bitcoin

Stacking is locking your STX temporarily to support the Stacks network. As a reward, you’ll earn bitcoin.

There’s currently $901,546,879.32 worth of STX stacking

The APY for last cycle was 7.6%

Next stacking cycle starts ~2 weeks

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How much can you earn?

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you’ll earn
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each cycle
1 cycle ≈ 2 weeks
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1 STX you’ll earn =
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1 USD you’ll earn =

What is Stacking?

A way to earn bitcoin

When you stack, you’ll earn bitcoin that miners transfer as part of Proof of Transfer, Stacks’ unique consensus mechanism.

Learn About Proof of Transfer
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Simple, but flexible

Stacking providers have made it easy for you to participate in a way that fits your needs best, from non-custodial to enterprise-grade options for institutions and large holders.

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Support for the network

By locking up STX tokens on the network, or 'Stacking', you provide valuable security benefits to the network. Your reward is bitcoin yield.

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Start Stacking

There are multiple ways to stack and earn bitcoin: on an exchange, in a non-custodial pool, or by yourself. Which way is right for you, depends on how experienced with crypto you are and how much STX you have available.

On an exchange

New to crypto? These custodial exchanges will make Stacking easy for you. They’ll hold your STX for you and pool it together with other stackers.

In a pool

New to crypto or just looking for a simple option? These services will pool your Stacks with others and pay your rewards out at the end of each cycle.

On your own

If you have enough Stacks to meet the protocol minimum (generally above 100,000 STX), you can enter Stacking without joining a pool.

For institutions and large holders

Large Stacks holders may consider custody offerings from leaders in the digital asset management space.

Dive deeper

Proof of Transfer

Learn about the novel consensus mechanism that makes Stacks work

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Stacking SIP

Advanced reading on how Stacking works

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Learn about the Stacks technology: Proof of Transfer, Clarity smart contracts, DeFi on Bitcoin, and more

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