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Building something exciting on Bitcoin? Take your project to the next level with support and/or funding from these amazing ecosystem supporters.

Bitcoin Frontier Fund & Accelerator

The Bitcoin Frontier Fund invests in outstanding teams building new use cases for Bitcoin. The BFF Accelerator program is a 3-month membership program that takes founders from product development, to the ins and outs of pitching, to a demo day with hundreds of investors present. The accelerator invests up to $50K with no valuation cap and features dozens of renowned mentors.

Bitcoin Startup Lab

Jumpstart your Web3 startup with a supportive and fast-growing community. Bitcoin Startup Lab provides founders with co-founder matching, startup classes, workshops, and 1 on 1 mentorship, and guidance raising funds from the Stacks Ventures Accelerator.

Bitcoin Odyssey

A joint effort between the Stacks Accelerator, Stacks Foundation, Okcoin, and venture capital partners, Bitcoin Odyssey is supporting Bitcoin's next chapter. Bitcoin Odyssey is working with $165 million that's been pledged towards founders and projects developing decentralized applications on Bitcoin and Stacks.

Trust Machines

Trust Machines is a team of engineers, builders, researchers, and operators banding together for one mission: growing the Bitcoin economy. They do this by building applications in-house as well as supporting and investing in teams in the Stacks Ecosystem

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Stacks Foundation Grants

The Stacks Foundation’s has awared millions in grants for tools, education, core protocol development and more. You can work on projects on Critical Bounties or submit your own project for a grant.

The Mintery

A mentorship-driven program helping creators launch successful Bitcoin-secured NFTs.

Bug Bounties

Immunefi is the leading bug bounty and security services platform for DeFi projects and decentralized networks. Together with the Stacks Foundation, they offer bounty program covering the Stacks blockchain that may be a good fit for supporting fixes or other security improvements you have in mind.

Market Makers

Several of the best market makers in the world already support Stacks and may be interested in supporting your Stacks-based token as well. Get in touch with the Stacks Foundation for further details and introductions.

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