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Stacks Roadmap

The Stacks network is developed and maintained by a decentralized ecosystem of independent core developers and entities.

Launch of the Stacks Genesis Block

Announcing the genesis block of the Stacks blockchain, that is custom designed for the Blockstack network to enable developers to easily build decentralized apps that can scale.

Q4 | 2018
Blockstack Unlocks ~$25 Million in Funding

We’re happy to announce that Blockstack PBC has successfully unlocked approximately $25 million in funding from our December 2017 token offering.

Q4 | 2018
Hiro Launches Stacks Wallet

Send and receive Stacks tokens with the official Stacks Wallet for macOS and Windows.

Q4 | 2018
Blockstack Announces SEC Filing for $50M Regulated Token Offering

Blockstack files with the SEC for a $50 million token offering using the SEC Regulation A+ framework. Upon approval, the offering is expected to be the first SEC-qualified token offering of its kind.

Q2 | 2019
Announcing the Blockstack Whitepaper 2.0

The Whitepaper 2.0 presents 2 new components: (a) the design of the Stacks blockchain and consensus mechanism, (b) a new smart contract language.

Q2 | 2019
Introducing Clarity, a Language for Predictable Smart Contracts

Today, we’re taking the first step in enabling smart contract functionality for Blockstack apps by introducing Clarity, the smart contract language for the Stacks blockchains.

Q2 | 2019
Stacks Cryptocurrency Expected To Reach Non-Security Status in the United States

Blockstack PBC releases plans for the Stacks cryptocurrency (STX) to no longer be considered a security under U.S. law.

Q4 | 2020

Scalable and Yield Generating NFTs

Q2 | 2021
Stacks has been released!

Stacks has been released! This is a big one that you won't want to miss. Release announcement: What's in this new one? A thread:

Q2 | 2022
Stacks 2.1 - The Latest Stacks Network Upgrade

Stacking improvements, clarity evolution, in-band blockchain upgrades, increased reliability, and much more are rolling out with Stacks 2.1.

Q1 | 2023
Hiro Developer Platform

The Hiro Platform empowers developers to build and deploy smart contracts on Stacks through a hosted developer experience.

Q1 | 2023

A scaling solution for Stacks with high throughput and low latency workloads. Build fast and reliable experiences for your users.

Q2 | 2023
sBTC Developer Release

Core Contributors are excited to get your feedback while letting you get a head start on your sBTC-powered apps

Q4 | 2023
Stacks: Nakamoto Release

The Nakamoto Release of Stacks will bring the network faster transactions, 100% Bitcoin finality, and pave the way for sBTC.

Rollout initiated on April 22, Activation expected ~August 28th
sBTC: Activating the Bitcoin Economy

sBTC will unlock $1T in latent capital by enabling Bitcoin programmability and secure movement of BTC between Bitcoin L1 and the Bitcoin L2

Approximately 4 weeks following Nakamoto Activation


As part of its commitment to promoting a user-owned internet, The Stacks Foundation provides support for developers, designers, community leaders, and more through various types of grants.
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