A Year of Building on Bitcoin: 2021 Stacks Ecosystem Highlights


January 26, 2022
2022 will go down as the year of 'Building on Bitcoin', but it's the work that's happened throughout 2021 that set the stage. Just one year ago, the Stacks mainnet launched and brought builders the tools to unleash over $1T in capital on the Bitcoin network. It's wild to reflect and realize that so many important projects and programs we now consider staples didn't exist at this time last year. The Stacks Accelerator wasn't announced until April 2021 and now they're already closing in on the deadline for their second cohort! There was no CityCoins, no Syvita Guild, no Stacks Residents, no agencies auditing Clarity, no institutional custody options, there was just one wallet, the first Stacks Chapter was just one month old in Pakistan, and projects we all know and love like Arkadiko, ALEX, Stackswap (and so many more! ❤️), were little more than ideas! And that's to say nothing of NFTs, new standards and tools, listings, integrations, and continued improvements driven by Stacks core developers. Wow. As you return to what you're building, give yourself a moment to appreciate how far we've come and how fast it has happened. The day-to-day doesn't always feel monumental, but this community is doing something special. The fruits of our labor have only just begun to bloom! To another year of unleashing Bitcoin, Mitchell Cuevas and the Stacks Foundation Team ---- We've lined up the best of Stacks 2021 sorted by theme below. 🎉 Stacks Anniversary ⛓️ Stacks Infrastructure 💸 Bitcoin DeFi 🦄 Bitcoin NFTs 🚀 Stacks Accelerator 🎟️ Events You can also browse the archive for more detailed updates from previous bi-weekly editions published throughout the year. 🥳 Stacks Turns 1! As Stacks Turns One, It Celebrates as the #1 Web3 Project on Bitcoin — cointelegraph.com In just a single year, the Stacks community has made major progress in its mission to build a better internet on Bitcoin.  "The Stacks community has proven the incredible potential of smart contracts for Bitcoin, from DeFi to NFTs, CityCoins, to philanthropic efforts, portable identity to new infrastructure, all in a single year. The technology and resources are all here. What happens next is dictated by visionary builders." - Brittany Laughlin Take a trip back in time to one year ago.. 🎂 📈 By the Numbers STX Address Growth: 330,448  -> 391,995 Active Addresses per day: 200+  -> 2,500+ Smart Contracts Built: 23  -> 2,568 Stacking TVL: 124m STX  -> 461m STX Total Stacking BTC Rewards: 1127 BTC  = $54.5M Entities: 7 -> 45+  companies Direct Contributors: 400+  Founders/Developers/Marketeers Community: 30K  -> 100K+ Trading Pairs: 34+  ⛓️ Stacks Infrastructure All the success builders have had this year naturally starts with the underlying infrastructure. This year, we all made strides toward building a better Stacks and the network is stronger, faster, and more secure for it. Hiro Wallet Officially Available in Chrome and Firefox Stores — www.hiro.so It all starts with the wallet! The Hiro web wallet was introduced to Chrome and Firefox in 2021 and allowed Stacks users to easily engage in the Bitcoin NFT and DeFi economy. Popular Korean Wallet D'CENT Adds Stacks, Brings Biometric Hardware and iOS and Android Options — stacks.org The Stacks Korea Chapter is pleased to share that popular South Korean wallet provider, D'CENT, has added support for Stacks (STX). South Koreans Can Pay With Bitcoin and Stacks, Paycoin Integration This integration means merchants who accommodate Paycoin will soon accept STX and bitcoin as methods of payment. NFTs on Bitcoin: Satoshibles Announce Integration with Stacks Blockchain | by Satoshibles Since day one of our launch, less than two months ago, we have been popular with users from the Bitcoin community. Some even stating that Satoshibles were the first NFT they purchased! Using Satoshi… Orbit Chain Integrates Stacks To Welcome Bitcoin To The Growing $80B DeFi Economy — stacks.org The Orbit Chain team will integrate the Stacks blockchain and turn their attention to creating bridges between Stacks’ Bitcoin-connected blockchain and Orbit Chain’s growing ecosystem of public blockchains. Stacking Pools 🏊‍♂️ 2021 brought the Stacks community several options for earning Bitcoin yield from the protocol in the form of Stacking pools. These pools have allowed thousands of Stackers to pool their STX together as a community and earn Bitcoin together. Upgrades, New Tools, New Resources Stacks 2.05 Upgrade Successful — stacks.org To make sure the Stacks network can handle the growth, core developers and the community rallied to introduce Stacks 2.05, a Stacks release that provided the network an important increase in capacity. Microblocks Reduce Transaction Processing Times to Seconds — www.hiro.so The Stacks blockchain introduces microblocks, an update to provide users and applications with more timely feedback on the status and results of transactions. Chainlink Update: Integration Ready For Developers On Stacks Testnet — stacks.org An important update on the highly-anticipated integration of Chainlink on Stacks, plus other oracle updates from the ecosystem. Messari Reviews Stacks — messari.io Stacks addresses the two major difficulties of building on top of Bitcoin: scalability and smart contracts. Messari's report delves into the past, present, and future state of the ecosystem. Smart Contracts For Bitcoin: Top Audit Agencies Embrace Clarity To Meet Demand Of Bitcoin Builders — stacks.org Builders can now readily access smart contracts auditing services from top smart contract auditing firms in the industry, including NCC, Least Authority, and Coinfabrik. 250+ Developers Learn To Write Smart Contracts For Bitcoin in Q4 — stacks.org Bitcoin smart contracts kicked off at the beginning of 2021 and near the end, we welcomed more than 250+ skilled smart contract developers via Clarity Universe, a 6-week immersive learning experience. Grants & Stacks Chapters This past year the Stacks Foundation turned up the heat and made some serious moves with the grants program. Grantees received over $400K USD and more than 300K STX .  Chapter grants received over $270K USD and 186K STX . Stacks Residents Provide The Ecosystem A New Layer of Expertise and Leadership — stacks.org This year the Stacks Foundation helped welcome a new cohort of residents. Expanding on the success of the Stacks Grants Program, the Stacks Residence Program is intended to encourage more open-ended research, network experimentation, and innovative business incubation. Impact of Stacks Chapters: Global Growth Led By Local Efforts — stacks.org Last year, the Stacks Foundation introduced Stacks Chapters, localized programs around the world that help onboard more builders and developers to the Stacks network and increase awareness of Stacks. LUMS and Stacks Pakistan Are Reshaping Pakistan’s Future Around Blockchain Technology Stacks first started with academic roots. As part of this commitment, Hiro supported LUMS with a Stacks research grant of 5 million STX tokens that aims to fuel research on blockchain technology and distributed applications. Xangle Awards Stacks Project 'Prime' Grade Stacks Korea is excited to announce that Stacks has been rated ‘Prime (AA-)’ by Xangle, a key crypto-asset disclosure platform in the country. This rating indicates Stacks is an excellent blockchain project with great reliability and strong capabilities that can help it accomplish its goal of unleashing Bitcoin's full potential. 💸 Bitcoin DeFi DeFi and Bitcoin. Who would have thought that the two would link up in 2021? Bitcoin DeFi has been one of the greatest things to grace the Stacks ecosystem this year. We saw new Stacking highs, increased institutional interest, and new DeFi creations emerge out of the Stacks Accelerator. Stacks-Based Crypto Project ALEX Raises $5.8M to Build DeFi on Bitcoin — decrypt.co ALEX is betting on the Stacks protocol to build its upcoming full-service DeFi project on the Bitcoin blockchain. The round was led by White Star Capital with participation from venture capital firms such as Cultur3, GBIC, and OK Blockchain Capital, among others. Arkadiko: The Protocol Bringing DeFi To Bitcoin Through Self-Repaying Loans By launching the decentralized USDA stablecoin, self-repaying negative interest rate loans, and other DeFi applications, Arkadiko is enhancing the STX token’s capital efficiency and serving as a foundational building block to unlock Bitcoin’s trillion-dollar value. Shortly after the launch, Arkadiko surpassed $60M in TVL and more than $7M USDA minted.  BitGo integrates Stacks, bringing Bitcoin DeFi to institutions — cointelegraph.com Institutional exposure to digital assets is broadening, with more investors looking to generate yield on their Bitcoin holdings via Stacks. Coinbase Custody and Coinbase Prime Integrate STX and Support for Stacking Riding on the wave of institutional interest, Coinbase Custody listed STX and Coinbase Prime added support for Stacking, adding new features for institutions to leverage their holdings. Stacking surpassed $1B! That's billion, with a ₿. stacking.club $STX #Stacking — mitchell.btc ((( ₿ ))) (@mcuevasm) Oct 20, 2021 🦄 Bitcoin NFTs It is hard to imagine that before 2021, there were no NFTs on Stacks. Today, there are hundreds of projects and a growing community of artists who have all created unique works all backed by Bitcoin. Bitcoin NFTs Are Emerging on Stacks. Can They Thrive? — decrypt.co The answer is yes! This piece captures some of the best NFT highlights from 2021 including the introduction to Boomboxes, the historic drop of Bitcoin Birds and Stacks Punks, and the migration of Satoshibles to Stacks. Bitcoin Birds Helps Save Birds IRL 12 year old, Abraham Finlay started the Bitcoin Birds with his family and quickly sold out the 400 NFT collection within just a few days. The collection amassed more than $1M in NFT sales and the Finlay family has used a portion of the profits to rescue and rehabilitate local birds in Oregon. New Video: How Bitcoin Birds got started! We just finished our latest video behind the scenes on how Bitcoin Birds was started! We have big plans in store for the project. Stay tuned! Video by @elijahfinlay ! — Bitcoin Birds (@bitcoin_birds) Nov 17, 2021 Megapont, Satoshibles, and Stacks Foundation's Louise Ivan Payawal Talk About the Bitcoin NFT Community Megapont released its Robot factory and Megapont Fund — www.megapont.com Apes are in fashion these days and now with Megaponts, you can dress your apes up as robots. Pick and choose from a collection of robo parts for your Megapont thanks to its newest Robot factory. Layer Launches SatoSHE in the Metaverse Gallery Show The SatoShe NFT launch event with @HeyLayer going on right now! Come check out these Stacks based NFTs, live bidding, while listening to the Artists talk about their projects. This is the future. 🚀 Join here: buff.ly/3pSnitQ — stacks.btc (@Stacks) Dec 10, 2021 CrashPunks Paid Homage to Stacks' Snow Crash Roots Damn this video is 🔥🔥🔥 Mark the calendar, Crash Punks drops December 12th — CrashPunks.btc (@CrashPunks) Nov 24, 2021 Santa Delivers AR NFTs for Christmas Profile pic NFTs aren't the only kinds of NFTs out there! The Open Art Source team worked with Shaderverse to deliver AR versions of their Arties collection just in time for the holidays. #ARtie floating on the marsh with his buddies. 🦆 — Arties NFTs by Open Art Source (@OpenArtSource1) Dec 26, 2021 Boombox introduces the first yielding NFTs on Stacks The Boom team launched Boomboxes, a novel type of NFT that offers rewards via Stacking. Boomboxes are transferable and allow owners to redeem a percentage of Stacking rewards at any time. In just a quarter, they crossed over $1M Stacked all-time. We've crossed $1 million in Boombox stacked value (all-time)! Many thanks to each and every one of you joining us on this ride! — Boom (@nft.btc) (@boom_wallet) Oct 3, 2021 🏙 CityCoins In 2021, we saw CityCoins take over Miami and NYC, and Stackers helped raise $55 million+ for Miami and NYC via CityCoin mining. Miami Mayor @FrancisSuarez announces on "First Mover" that his city will be the first in the U.S. to give a #bitcoin yield, from #Miamicoin , as a dividend directly to its residents. Watch the full interview, presented by @NexoFinance : youtu.be/5-AolMVDrFk — CoinDesk (@CoinDesk) Nov 11, 2021 NYC Gets Own Cryptocurrency After Mayor-Elect Adams Touts Bitcoin — www.bloomberg.com New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams welcomes its first CityCoin following the success of Miami Coin. 🚀 Stacks Accelerator The Stacks Accelerator program was announced in April 2021 with the promise of helping entrepreneurs jumpstart their Bitcoin-powered businesses. By the end of the year, 25 companies graduated from the first cohort and increased their valuations by an average of 4x. → More stats Stacks Launches $4M Accelerator to Fund Tech Teams Building Apps on Bitcoin — www.coindesk.com The first accelerator cohort kicked off with 25 companies, which was managed by Trevor Owens, the Stacks Accelerator Managing Partner. The first cohort created some of the first NFT, DeFi, and Web3 use cases for the growing Bitcoin economy on Stacks. Risidio opens the Bitcoin NFT gates with Cara Delevingne, Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewarts, and Chemical X — decrypt.co Risidio's debut marked the launch of the first Bitcoin NFT collection in existence, paving the way for many other NFTs to be launched on Stacks. Tracking sperm on Bitcoin with Eggschain's Wei Escala — cointelegraph.com Eggschain founder, Wei Escala made history with the launch of Eggschain by securing the first patent for tracking genetic material on the blockchain for the purposes of in vitro fertilization (IVF). GoSats launches Bitcoin cashback rewards card in India — cointelegraph.com Accelerator graduate, GoSats launched a program that allows users to earn cashback rewards paid in BTC when shopping at their favorite brands in India. StackSwap Raises $1.3 Million in Funding Round to Build World First DEX Built on Bitcoin Network PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC / ACCESSWIRE / November 5, 2021 / StackSwap, the first complete DEX and Launchpad on the Bitcoin Network has announced the completion of its private round. According to the official press release, the blockchain platform was able to raise $1. Moonray PBC raises $3.5M for marketplace for NFT game items — venturebeat.com The Moonray team is helping bring the first Bitcoin metaverse experience to Stacks! Animoca Brands led the round, with participation from other top angels and funds including GBV Capital, Metavest Capital, LD Capital, and Lucid Blue Ventures. Stacks Accelerator Announces a Three-Month Program to Build the Future of Civic Engagement on CityCoins The CityCoins Accelerator Track is an extension of Stacks Accelerator's mentorship-driven program awarding up to $50,000 investment to selected teams, who can additionally apply for up to $100,000+ in non-equity grants from the Stacks Foundation. 🎟 Event Highlights Stacks and Miami really bonded this year. Members of the Stacks community gathered in Miami for DCentral Miami and Art Basel. We expect the Stacks community to have even more opportunities to connect IRL in 2022 💕. Women in #Bitcoin in Miami — Natalie Brunell ⚡️ (@natbrunell) Dec 2, 2021 Next up at MiamiCoin Art Week 2021, @mcuevasm explains how our actions in the Metaverse have IRL consequences. Plus he shared a little alpha about how @StacksOrg is supporting NFTs on $STX (check out  if you’re an artist!) — stacks.btc (@Stacks) Dec 4, 2021 World of ₿ #Bitcoin Women - @br_ttany   & @randizuckerberg about Stacks and women in Crypto 🙏 #WGMiami — stacks.btc (@Stacks) Dec 3, 2021 @br_ttany Lit up the room at @DcentralCon and schooled everyone about what’s possible on Stacks! More than half the room raised their hands when asked if they’ve heard about Stacks 🔥 — stacks.btc (@Stacks) Dec 1, 2021 It is not Art Basel without the artists of course 🖼 Stacculents was honored to be a part of Art Basel in Miami by making 200 unique NFTs for the #WGMIAMI event by @Stacks and @Okcoin ! A huge thank you to Jamil at @stxnft for being amazing as always! 🌈 We can’t wait to see them pop up and get the word out about NFTs on #Stacks !🥳 — Stacculents (@stacculents) Dec 13, 2021 One of the two $Mia pieces left Good luck😎🔥 stxnft.com/collection/cit… — CityCoin Collectibles (@CityMetaArchive) Dec 4, 2021 A note about these updates: The team and I greatly enjoy compiling these updates yet with each edition the attempts to be comprehensive become more futile. We've opted to simplify and highlight, but if we've left out something that's important to you, please do let us know. --- Disclaimer:  The information shared in this email is strictly for informational purposes. You should not take its content, opinions, and/or descriptions provided as technical advice, legal advice, financial advice, or investment advice. See full disclaimer at  stacks.org/terms . Publish on beehiiv


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