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Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation
July 27, 2022

Over the past couple of months, a small team here at the Stacks Foundation has been working on a number of efforts to make it easier for various stakeholders throughout the Stacks ecosystem to keep up with everything happening in the world of Stacks. For example, we just shared the first version of the Stacks Roadmap and invited the core contributors from across the community to help us maintain it. Today, I’m excited to share another simple tool through which the community can stay better informed: The Stacks Blog.


If you know Stacks, you know we don't just say we're a decentralized ecosystem, we actually are. It’s core to everything we do and believe in, but that doesn’t mean it is without challenges. One of those challenges is that key contributors and builders post updates about what they're working on in different places, at different cadences, and in different formats. Unless you know where to look or spend way too much time on Discord or Twitter (I'm guilty), it can be hard to keep up.

This blog takes on that problem. It is an aggregator that surfaces valuable content related to Stacks from a wide range of contributors (read below about how you can become one). Featured will be important updates from content producers, projects, and leaders from throughout the Stacks Ecosystem. In turn, the blog will make Stacks-related content more discoverable and will provide a great channel through which Stacks projects can readily tap into the global Stacks audience.

We've trained this blog to look for and pull in posts from key contributors and Stacks projects that have consistently posted high-quality content. This process is partially automated, but also includes human moderators. As the ecosystem grows, we'll continue training this blog to find and display more and more great content from new contributors.

Please enjoy it, offer us feedback, or look below to submit to the blog! We hope this makes it easier to keep up with our blossoming ecosystem.

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In general, community moderators follow a model similar to that of the Stacks Foundation, however they are free to have their own opinions about what content is valuable. Feedback and further conversation can be had in the event submitted content is rejected and the submitter disagrees with the moderators decision.



Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation

Mitchell Cuevas, previously Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, currently leads Web3 and partnership efforts at the Stacks Foundation. Before joining Blockstack/Hiro/Stacks, he led Marketing at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Week) and after their acquisition of the global non-profit, became a leader on the product team at Techstars.

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