Create With Clarity In The Stacks 2.0 Mainnet Smart Contract Challenge

Joe Bender

Developer Advocate, Hiro PBC
February 1, 2021

The dust is finally settling from the exciting launch of the Stacks 2.0 mainnet, and now it's time to look forward and begin building powerful decentralized tech! One of the most important components of the protocol upgrade was the introduction of a smart contract programming language known as Clarity. Clarity gives developers the tools to deploy business logic on Stacks and enables an entirely new decentralized app ecosystem.

Over the next few weeks, hackers will have the opportunity to submit original Clarity smart contracts to win cash prizes! The Mainnet Smart Contract Challenge is your chance to show off your Clarity skills and produce functional, secure, open-source smart contracts.

Quick Overview:

  • The challenge will be running through Feb 18th.
  • There are two difficulty levels: basic and advanced, corresponding to $100 and $200 prize levels.
  • Teams of up to four are allowed. Each team/individual can submit a total of up to 5 unique smart contracts. (Submit 5 sensational, advanced contracts and you could win up to $1000 bucks!).
  • If we have over 50 submissions, the 50 best contracts will earn prizes.
  • We have some rockstar community judges helping out, so let's give a big thanks to Harini, Friedger, and Jason.

On your marks, get set, HACK! As always, the #hackathons channel in the Stacks Discord will be the best place to connect with other developers, share contract ideas, or ask for a helping hand. In addition, we've curated some helpful contract examples and resources on the hackathon page where you can find more challenge details and send in your submissions.


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Joe Bender

Developer Advocate, Hiro PBC

Joe grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, receiving his Masters in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. After gaining an interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in 2016, he moved to New York City and joined ConsenSys to work on Ethereum. Joe joined Blockstack as a Developer Evangelist in April 2020, looking to spread awareness of the technology and empower developers to build powerful decentralized applications. His favorite thing about the blockchain ecosystem is the passionate, thriving community full of eclectic, ambitious thinkers.

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