To Support Stacks 2.0 Upgrade, List STX Cryptocurrency

Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation
January 15, 2021 is one of the most established and long running crypto companies that has helped build the foundations of crypto access since the beginning. The team has been working to bring crypto to the masses since even before Stacks was founded back in 2013.

Today, we’re excited that as long-time supporters of the ecosystem, continues their support of the Stacks community and our mission as we upgrade to Stacks 2.0 by announcing plans to support STX trading on the Exchange and to explore ways to allow STX holders to earn BTC through participation in Stacking.

In advance of the exchange listing, will support STX 2.0 upgrades in their wallet, the most popular crypto wallet worldwide, to ensure that all existing and prospective STX holders counted among their over 64M users will be able to easily and securely hold STX.

In's announcement post, Amadeo Pellicce wrote, "Since the early days at — back when we were — we’ve believed in the revolutionary power of Bitcoin and its promise to empower anyone anywhere to control their own money. [...] We’ve admired the great work they’ve done at developing innovative software that enables decentralized applications, identity, and finance since 2013. So we were excited to now support Stacks 2.0, which brings powerful smart contracts and applications to Bitcoin.

" users can expect the wallet upgrade to happen automatically; no action required to keep or use their STX tokens in their wallets.“ is one of the most established companies in crypto and their work to simplify the space and make it accessible to more people is a critical part of pushing the industry forward. Like us, they’ve been big believers in Bitcoin since early on; their support of Stacks 2.0 is yet another example of their commitment to investing in the network and in a decentralized, user-owned future.” - Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director, Stacks Foundation

We’re excited to continue to build a user owned internet alongside and their global network of millions of users across their exchange, wallet, and beyond. To access the wallet to use your STX, sign up at

Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation

Mitchell Cuevas, previously Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, currently leads Web3 and partnership efforts at the Stacks Foundation. Before joining Blockstack/Hiro/Stacks, he led Marketing at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Week) and after their acquisition of the global non-profit, became a leader on the product team at Techstars.

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