This Week in Stacks, 4/10

Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation
April 10, 2021

Highlighted stories from around the Stacks Ecosystem. This blast was first shared via Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct.

  • STX hits another ATH at $2.15 and breaks $2B Market Cap - More from Blockfolio and Coindesk
  • Boom, Pravica, and Sigle were featured in Forbes' cover story "Revenge of the Winklevii" - Must Read
  • FTX listed a STX perpetual futures market - FTX
  • Upbit added a KRW/STX pair, providing a Korean market hungry for tokens with a strong compliance history increased access to STX - More via Upbit and Business Insider
  • Stacks featured in a piece exploring the future of DeFi alongside an exclusive interview with Mark Cuban - Benzinga
  • The Stacks Chapter in Korea launched their Stacking pool, activating a powerful way for the community to be self-sustainable - Learn more
  • The Stacks Foundation teased a 'special announcement event' scheduled for April 13th, 2021 - Register
  • Daemon Technologies introduced their Board of Directors including Trevor Owens, Melody He, and Wei Jiang - Learn more
  • Don't miss Stacks Founder Muneeb Ali's interview on Kitco News covering NFT's and Bitcoin's boom - Full Video
"When people think of smart contracts or DeFi today, they think of Ethereum, but few people know that Bitcoin offers the same functionality. There are certainly some places where the ecosystem of tools for developers is less built-out than on Ethereum, but that is changing rapidly. We believe that given the relative advantages Bitcoin offers in terms of security and market size, you'll start to see the wonderful experiments and models that have been birthed on Ethereum now take their next steps and mature on Bitcoin."

Mitchell Cuevas,
Head of Growth at the Stacks Foundation (via Benzinga)

Mitchell Cuevas

Stacks Foundation

Mitchell Cuevas, previously Blockstack PBC's Head of Growth, currently leads Web3 and partnership efforts at the Stacks Foundation. Before joining Blockstack/Hiro/Stacks, he led Marketing at UP Global (Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Week) and after their acquisition of the global non-profit, became a leader on the product team at Techstars.

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