Arkadiko 2.0 — Testnet


March 4, 2024
Arkadiko 2.0 — Testnet It is finally here Arkadians, the Arkadiko 2.0 Testnet! TL;DR: you can try our testnet on . For the patient reader, feel free to read on :-) After months of preparation, we are ready to launch the next-generation Arkadiko protocol (2.0) to Stacks testnet today. We have written and talked extensively about this update in the last few months, but for those who want a quick recap, here’s what’s new: Redemptions, a way for users to redeem 1 USDA for $1 of collateral at all times. Read about it here . One vault per collateral type per wallet address. We have simplified the vault system and allow only one vault per collateral per address. Addresses that have multiple vaults open today will see their vaults merged into one automatically with the migration upgrade. stSTX (Stacking DAO) as main collateral type. The main liquid stacking protocol and top 3 by TVL on Stacks. Tons of other small changes and optimisations were implemented in this upgrade, from our learnings of the past two years. Our testnet v2.0 is limited to vaults only. No swaps, LP staking or governance is upgraded (and thus not accessible on testnet). To get started, you will need a Stacks-compatible wallet such as Leather or Xverse . STX tokens can be acquired from the Stacks Testnet faucet on . Other collateral types such as stSTX and xBTC can be minted from the testnet app itself (but you will need testnet STX to pay for gas). In case you spot any bugs or have any feedback, feel free to hit us up on Twitter or Discord . Thanks for testing, and we are looking forward to this release on mainnet!


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