CityCoins Redemptions: Redeem NYC for stSTX to Earn an NFT and Points Boost Multiplier


July 8, 2024
The CityCoins community has voted to wind down the protocol and proceed with the compensation of NYC holders by enabling token redemptions for the STX held in the treasury. You can now redeem NYC for stSTX on CityCoins website to earn an NFT unlocking a future point multiplier. CityCoins members are OGs of the Stacks ecosystem, and the protocol has been an innovative project on Stacks that captured the attention of industry leaders like Vitalik, Pompliano, Balaji, Mayors Francis Suarez and and Eric Adams, and many others. CityCoins has been a key player in creating a community around Stacking which was a key feature of their product to distribute rewards among the NYC and MIA holders. Stacking DAO deeply values the CityCoins’ contributions in accelerating Stacks network adoption, and CityCoins’ pioneering ethos must continue to live on within Stacks. For this reason, Stacking DAO has partnered with CityCoins to redeem NYC tokens into stSTX with one simple click through the CityCoins website to earn a special edition NFT. The NFT represents a way to welcome CityCoins members to Stacking DAO, the largest DeFi community on Stacks. Furthermore, the NFTs will have further utility in the future. How to claim the NFTs and what are the benefits? The NFTs will be soon claimable directly on Stacking DAO by all the users that redeemed NYC tokens for stSTX. Make sure to redeem the NYC for stSTX on CityCoins website: There are various NFT tiers based on the quantity of NYC tokens swapped for stSTX. The more NYC you convert, the higher the NFT tier and the greater the associated benefits . These special edition NFTs, alongside the highly prized Stacking DAO Genesis NFTs, will provide point multipliers determined by their tier rarity. The specific benefits within the Stacking DAO points system will be revealed in the near future. Here are the 3 NFT tiers: Regular NYCCoin NFT — Redeem less than 100k NYC ($400) Empire State Building Edition — Redeem between 100k and 1M NYC Statue of Liberty Edition — Redeem 1M or more NYC ($4k) Mint stSTX today and earn a 10% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community:


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