Clarity Universe and Bitcoin DeFi


July 16, 2021
There was more buzz this week around Bitcoin DeFi, or as some say, #BitFi. The one and only @jack told us Square is creating a new business focused solely on "non-custodial, permissionless, and decentralized financial services" with a primary focus on Bitcoin. Naturally, the Stacks ecosystem tuned in, looking to collaborate and remind him that Stacks is the current leader in Bitcoin DeFi—having pushed the movement forward through Stacking (closing in on $500M TVL), incredible startups , partnerships , Bitcoin NFTs , and of course, improvements to Clarity and Proof-of-Transfer which make it all work. In a timely release, Dan Held (Head of Growth, Kraken) covered Stacks and Bitcoin DeFi if you're in need of a great simple primer to send to the uninitiated. The TL;DR? It's a great time to get involved with the next evolution of decentralized finance. To help you along the way, the Stacks Foundation has something special of its own to share: Clarity Universe , a portal and learning experience that brings together everything a developer, project, or company needs to be successful with the Clarity smart contract language. Among other novel benefits, Clarity provides direct access to Bitcoin state and has been proving a linchpin for the teams already working on Bitcoin DeFi projects . Clarity Universe includes 3 main components: Clarity Camp offers smart contract and Clarity education, Clarity Starters are ready-to-use audited smart contract templates, and Clarity Talent is a job and talent marketplace. If you've been thinking about diving into smart contracts, there's never been a better time. Clarity Universe will take developers from wherever they are today, to proficient and effective Clarity builders just in time to keep pushing the Bitcoin DeFi wave. Join the waitlist and we'll invite you to a cohort kicking off soon—we can't wait to see you! → Enter Clarity Universe  Builders of the Week: Eggschain First Patent for Tracking Genetic Material via Blockchain Eggschain, a healthcare technology company that combines genetics and blockchain to track genetic material, today announced its pioneering, patented solution for tracking and tracing the storage and transfer of blood, genome, tissues, organs, DNA, RNA, sperm, eggs, embryos, and other biospecimens. Eggschain is proudly built on Stacks. Boom The Boom team launched Boomboxes, a novel type of NFT that offers rewards via Stacking. Boomboxes are transferable and allow owners to redeem a percentage of Stacking rewards at any time. Hey everyone! Guess what? Boomboxes are! 💥 Head on over to , sign in with your Stacks account, and select "Get a Boombox." — Boom (@nft.btc) (@boom_wallet) Jul 6, 2021 Blocksurvey Combining the power of Stacks with AI, the Blocksurvey team continues to innovate on the world of privacy-first forms. GPT-3 surveys enable users to generate relevant survey questions fast. Amazing! GPT-3 Surveys by BlockSurvey: Generate questions for surveys in seconds… by @wlsnbr — Stacks Ventures (@StacksStartups) Jul 16, 2021 Exploring The Stacks Network New projects and updates to old favorites are surfacing interesting and useful data for all to browse. Get the latest data from Stacks 2.0 blockchain Discover the latest on-chain data from Stacks 2.0 including transactions per day and growth of unique addresses over time. The Sigle team has plans to add more here, so let them know what you want to see! New Stacking Overview Page 🥞 stacking club update 🥞 Very excited to announce a new page on , an overview page for all stacking cycles! This new page gives you insight into trends and metrics across all cycles. Explore all stacking cycles here -> — aulneau.btc (@aulneau_) Jul 11, 2021 STX Mining Monitor from Daemon As of right now believe they are. Here’s a sneak peak of the new version of the mining monitor - target release end of the month.… — Daemon Technologies 地灵科技 (@STXDaemon) Jul 13, 2021 More #BitcoinDeFi Square is creating a new business (joining Seller, Cash App, & Tidal) focused on building an open developer platform with the sole goal of making it easy to create non-custodial, permissionless, and decentralized financial services. Our primary focus is #Bitcoin . Its name is TBD. — jack (@jack) Jul 15, 2021 Huge validation for Bitcoin DeFi 🔥 We have the same thesis @Stacks 👀… — muneeb.btc (@muneeb) Jul 15, 2021 If you're interested in Bitcoin DeFi, check out my two new articles on the topic: Intro to Bitcoin DeFI: Introduction to @Stacks (A Bitcoin DeFi protocol):… — Dan Held (@danheld) Jul 15, 2021 Publish on beehiiv


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