DeFi Guide: Swapping any Stacks token for stSTX


June 21, 2024
Bitflow has launched multi-hop swaps for stSTX, which allows users to exchange stSTX with any tokens paired with STX on Stacks . First of all, what are Bitflow Multi-hop swaps? They let users perform trades by routing through multiple pairs in a single transaction. For instance, users can swap from stSTX to LEO directly while, in the background, the actual trading route is stSTX<>STX on Bitflow to STX<>WELSH on Velar. Multi-Hop Swaps Guide 1️⃣ Head to Bitflow , click “Connect Wallet,” & select a wallet holding stSTX 2️⃣ Select stSTX and any other token or memecoin as assets to swap 3️⃣ Select the amount to trade (e.g. 3 stSTX for X amount of Welsh tokens) 4️⃣ Click on Swap & confirm the transaction The process is straightforward as it’s basically a swap like anyone else. Conclusion StSTX is becoming the go-to asset for Stacks DeFi. This is becoming even more true now that any token paired with STX can be swapped for stSTX. Upcoming tokens listed on Velar & Bitflow will benefit from $100M+ in stSTX liquidity as a token pair. Mint stSTX today and earn a % yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community:


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