DeFi on Bitcoin Charges Ahead on Stacks: Stacks AC, $MIA, Clarity Universe


September 13, 2021
It seems like on every front, the Stacks Ecosystem is pushing forward new functionality and possibility on Bitcoin. From the institutional side to developer education to tokens and new listings, we're so proud to see the ecosystem grow and can't get enough of working with, supporting, and cheering you on in these game-changing efforts. Here are a few of my personal favorites to get you started: 🚀 Stacks Accelerator Demo Day, 25 teams showed us the future on Bitcoin 🌴 Miami accepts MiamiCoin protocol contributions, to put funds to work 🔐 Coinbase Custody, a leading option for institutional STX holders is live 🌌 Clarity Universe, 100+ new devs learn to wield smart contracts for Bitcoin 👛 D'CENT, top Korean wallet brings biometric, Android, iOS options to STX Beyond these highlights, there's plenty more in the way of NFTs, network upgrades, new integrations, and more to catch up on below. See you out there! Mitchell Cuevas and The Stacks Foundation Team PS: Come work with us in the ecosystem ! 🚀 Stacks Accelerator Teams Take Off — Missed the first-ever Stacks Accelerator Demo Day? You're in luck, both sessions are now available. These teams showed us what's coming to Bitcoin soon, it's an exciting glimpse into a future not far away. The impact of these teams will reverberate through the Stacks Ecosystem sooner rather than later. 💸 DeFi and Fintech → Watch Now 🌅 NFTs & Web 3.0 → Watch Now excited to see all of the projects building on #bitcoin - invested in one @Stacks ecosystem project already 👀 and looking for more!… — Meltem Demirors (@Melt_Dem) Sep 9, 2021 watching Stacks Accelerator #NFT day. instead of sleeping #upallnight #blockchain — Justin Roberti (@sensible) Sep 10, 2021 300+ in the room for Bitcoin startups demo day by @StacksStartups . 25 new startups presenting over two days: Bitcoin DeFi & NFTs on Bitcoin. I’m fired up for unleashing the full potential of the Bitcoin economy. — muneeb.btc (@muneeb) Sep 9, 2021 Stacks Token 🌴 Miami Votes To Claim MiamiCoin Driven Contributions IT’S OFFICIAL! The Miami Commission voted YES to claim their $4.3M in MiamiCoin protocol contributions and use their funds for the city!! This landmark decision marks a major milestone for CityCoins and is a testament to Miami’s vision of the future.… — CityCoins (@mineCityCoins) Sep 13, 2021 MiamiCoin Stacking is live, exclusively on Okcoin Stack your MiamiCoin (MIA) and earn rewards with Okcoin. Earn up to 430% APY* rewards. The minimum stacking amount is super low and Earn charges no fees, so get ready to start earning.  🔐 Coinbase Custody Adds STX Support Coinbase Custody now supports deposits and withdrawals for Stacks $STX. Details here → — Coinbase Institutional (@CoinbaseInsto) Sep 2, 2021 India's Largest Exchange Lists STX STX listed on leading crypto exchange in India — You can now buy, sell, and trade STX on WazirX's USDT market. A STX/INR pair is also coming soon. 👛 Popular South Korean Wallet D'CENT Adds Stacks Support, Offers Biometric Hardware and iOS & Android Options — Today, the Stacks Korea Chapter is pleased to share that popular South Korean wallet provider, D'CENT, has added support for Stacks (STX). Wrapped Bitcoin coming to Stacks this fall Coming soon this fall, Stacks users around the world will be able to use native Wrapped Bitcoin across the Stacks network, aka xBTC. Stacks developers will also have access to programmable xBTC with the help of Hiro System's developer tools. We're super-excited to announce today that Wrapped Bitcoin will soon be launching on @Stacks . 🚀 🌕 — (@WrappedFi) Aug 26, 2021 Trustless swaps for Stacks Tokens Stacks Network Upgrades What To Expect For Stacks 2.1, The Next Major Stacks Network Upgrade — Stacks 2.1  is a proposed network upgrade to the current Stacks 2.0 mainnet released in January. The upgrade will not happen automatically, so we’ve compiled information about the origin, status, voting plans, and included upgrades to help educate ecosystem stakeholders on what comes next and how to get involved. Framework for Stacks Scalability Check out Stacks Founder Muneeb Ali's latest forum post addressing questions around Stacks scalability and potential optimizations that can be made to network capacity. The scalability properties of Stacks and its design tradeoffs are unique and it's worth understanding them. Stacks Blockchain Release This software update is a point-release to change the transaction selection logic in the default miner to prioritize by fee instead of nonce sequence. This release's chainstate directory is compatible with chainstate directories from Get daily stats from the Stacks blockchain The Sigle team has launched a dashboard displaying key stats about the Stacks blockchain, such as transactions per day, # of unique addresses, and more. Follow the stxstats Twitter bot for daily updates. NFTs Rare Sense’s NFT platform Superfandom set to be “OpenSea for fan engagement” — Stacks Accelerator team Rare Sense's NFT platform, Superfandom connects creators, celebrities, and influencers to their fans through NFTs. Superfandom enables creators to easily launch NFTs that allow exclusive experiences, such as social media collabs or in-person interactions. Boom's 3rd Boombox celebrates MiamiCoin — Boom's 3rd boombox release makes one thing clear: CityCoins's vision of utilizing stacking as a mechanism to reward cities with yield-generating tokens aligns closely with Boom's vision of rewarding creators with yield-generating NFTs. Stacks Punks — The popular "Punk" NFT craze has hit the Stacks community! Stacks Punks have amassed nearly $500,000 in transactions so far, with some Punks selling for upwards of 10,000 STX. Stacks Builders Stacks Map illustrates a rapidly growing ecosystem 🧵1/ Creating a thread to document the growth of @Stacks Ecosystem, with quarterly Ecosystem Map updates! Stacks 2.0 went live on Jan’21 1st Sept 2021 - Stacks Ecosystem Map v1 — Ethan (@zrixes) Sep 2, 2021 🌌 100+ New Developers Are Learning To Write Smart Contracts For Bitcoin — On September 1, we welcomed our very first Clarity Universe  cohort, ushering in more than 100 new builders. Clarity Universe was created to provide developers with everything they need to be successful with smart contracts for Bitcoin in one place. 'Circles' offers sleek mobile experience of Stacks apps In addition to successfully updating the Stacks Android SDK, Stacks grantee, Bloco has released Circles, an app that allows users to explore various Stacks apps on mobile. Write To Earn BTC The Sigle team is on fire 🔥. On top of their stats dashboard, they will soon be launching a stacking monetization model for their decentralized blogging platform. Readers will be able to lock up STX in support of writers who can, in turn, earn the BTC yield generated through stacking. Community Sessions and Event Recordings Philip De Smedt on Loans That Repay Themselves — Stacker Chats Recap and Transcript — In this Stacker Chats episode, Gina of Hiro Systems sat down with Philip De Smedt, CEO and co-founder of Arkadiko, the first stablecoin on Stacks that uniquely enables your collateral to earn a yield. [UDC 2021] Stacks enables Bitcoin with smart contracts: Muneeb Ali, co-founder and CEO of Stacks and Hiro, spoke during the second day of UDC 2021, a blockchain conference hosted by Dunamu (the company that operates the Upbit exchange).Stacks is an… — 코인데스크 코리아 (@coindeskkorea) Sep 2, 2021 Disclaimer:  The information shared in this email is strictly for informational purposes. You should not take its content, opinions, and/or descriptions provided as technical advice, legal advice, financial advice, or investment advice. See full disclaimer at . Publish on beehiiv


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