Gamma x Xverse at Ordinals Alley: Foreword

May 5, 2023
Together, Gamma, Xverse and Bitcoin Magazine are presenting the very first art gallery of Ordinal inscriptions: Ordinals Alley at Bitcoin Miami 2023. The initiative showcases emerging and well-known web3 artists, settling their art forever on the most secure and long-lasting blockchain, Bitcoin. Gamma’s focus, from day one, has been to empower creators with simple and powerful tools to launch their works on Bitcoin. Together with Xverse, we’re bringing even more visibility and exposure to emerging artists from web3, and those interested in securing their legacy on Bitcoin for the first time. Gamma and Xverse share 10 screens for artists to use as a canvas and create a piece for the occasion. At Gamma, we perceive technology as a medium of art, to display the most innovative and talented artists of our time. And as the most advanced Bitcoin wallet, built for everyone, Xverse is putting the key to access this technology right in people’s hands. The visitors’ experiences are enhanced and inclusive for all, taking a step back from traditional white cube galleries. The art exhibited at Ordinals Alley is complementary, covers different technologies, and brings Ordinal inscriptions artwork to the real world. Open Call For the occasion, we organized an Open Call for artists to share their profile and work, giving rising artists an opportunity and a chance to have their work showcased to a global audience. Within a week, Gamma and Xverse received nearly 200 applications from artists from all horizons, specializing in a variety of techniques, ranging from poetry to interactive and generative art. We gathered a curation committee of six jpg and art connoisseurs, who would select six artists to be exhibited at Bitcoin Miami’s Ordinals Alley. Each curator has different yet complementary profiles, their own experience, sensitivity and approach to art, making the curation process all the more interesting. Six artists were selected based on their practice, previous works, biography, the project they had in mind for this specific exhibition, and their long-term vision for Ordinals. The open call section of the exhibition was curated by: Sarah Rossien, associate Artistic Director at Art Blocks . AC, generative art collector, partner at 6529 Capital , head of Generative Art desk Hugo Pouchard, art curator & advisor, previously Christie’s , Cozomo di Medici, digital art patron and founder of The Medici Collection Sarah Meyohas, conceptual artist & founder of Bitchcoin Malte Rauch, partnerships & curation @brtmoments and advisor @glitchmarfa Co-curation For the four remaining screens, Gamma and Xverse commissioned creative input from Hugo Pouchard, who merged his experience from the traditional and digital world to support us in setting up a first, unique show. From helping Christie’s transition to the online world, to developing the European market by partnering up with galleries, fairs and brands, Hugo has worked in the digital/tech art field for ten years. He has worked in the Web3 and NFT industry for two years, and currently leads, an art incubator, supports and advises artists, and curates shows for galleries wanting to step into web3. We and Hugo Pouchard believe Ordinals will empower artists and their work. It only made sense for the exhibition to explore the evolving relationship between the art world, the medium and the crypto community. Hugo and the team got in touch with Web3 artists inspired by Ordinals, who were keen to experiment, creating a trust-based relationship with the artists. Getting to know them, understanding their practice, establishing ambitions for the exhibition are all key aspects of curating an exhibition. We are excited to present Hugo’s beautiful selection that came out of this process. Stay tuned In our next blog post, we will discover the worlds and universes of the Open Call selected artists, don’t miss it! The post Gamma x Xverse at Ordinals Alley: Foreword appeared first on Blog .


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