Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs

February 1, 2023
Gamma is excited to invite you on this fun treasure hunt and quest for Bitcoin NFTs! Together, with nearly 40 other apps, artists, and creators in the ecosystem, we are running this campaign to bring attention to Bitcoin NFTs and onboard users to this unforgettable journey. We’d like to thank every partner and artist who participated in this project, and hope you’ll enjoy it! In order to join the hunt, you’ll need to complete a few easy tasks and find a few secret codes! Each action is worth a certain amount of points: the more you get, the better the odds you’ll have at winning our prizes. Clues will be hidden across platforms and socials, and we’ll be using Gleam to track entries. What’s to win? Two dozen 1/1 NFTs by Bitcoin NFTs top artists, and a grand prize of 10 million Satoshis (0.1 Bitcoin). The campaign will run for twelve days starting on Wednesday February 1st, and will end on Sunday 12th. Ready for a riddle? Join the quest! Current leaderboard Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs The post Moon Bound! A Quest for Bitcoin NFTs appeared first on Blog .


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