Stacking DAO Bi-Weekly Update: Trade stSTX with any token on Stacks


June 21, 2024
Stacking DAO bi-weekly updates is the perfect format for the community to explore the latest news and milestones. First, let’s welcome Leeor Shimron as the new head of growth for Stacking DAO. A former Kraken and dRPC BD, he will drive Stacking DAO to its next growth milestone. With 55M+ STX locked in the protocol earning Stacking rewards , Stacking DAO keeps attracting STX liquidity. There is yet to be a cycle that resulted in net outflows. Stacking DAO is also getting closer to becoming the most used app on Stacks , showcasing its importance in onboarding users in the DeFi. Moreover, Stacking DAO users are currently enjoying a 9.1% APY on their STX . If you are looking for high yields on Stacks, you know where to look. DeFi Updates Related to Stacking DAO Bitflow has launched MultiHop swaps, enabling users to swap stSTX on Bitflow for any Stacks token paired with STX . Basically, trades are routed through multiple pairs in a single transaction. For instance, users can swap $stSTX -> $LEO directly, while in the background, the route stSTX<>STX on Bitflow to STX<>WELSH on Velar occurs. stSTX is becoming the go-to asset for Stacks DeFi . Now that it can be used to swap with any token on Stacks, stSTX will establish itself even further. If you are looking for a guide on how to earn yield or borrow stSTX on Zest , make sure to read this guide : Other initiatives and news related to Stacking DAO Muneeb himself talked about Stacking DAO during his interview with Grayscale. Is there a better seal of approval than Stacks founder praising the protocol growth? Dynamo DeFi, the leading Web3 educator, highlighted Stacking DAO in his Stacks DeFi and airdrop strategies guide. Stacking DAO was also featured in the latest NuggetsNews best Bitcoin DeFi protocols series. Already 1k people viewed the interview in less than a day: Stacking DAO also published a thread on how users can counter STX inflation by earning yield on STX and chasing airdrops/rewards. Stacking DAO is now also live on Zealy , where users can actively earn USDC rewards and more by completing simple quests: Join Stacking DAO Appreciating community educators such as: Bito Ordileone for creating content on Stacks DeFi: Roman K and Scorpy for explaining how stSTX is the perfect asset to earn points on Stacks: iiaone for showcasing how Stacking DAO has quickly emerged as a pillar of Stacks DeFi ecosystem. Algorithm for his thread on Stacking DAO growth and milestone since launch: Stacksy for simple but explanatory and eye-catching graphics on Stacking DAO points strategies. Fracture for showing on-chain data about Stacking DAO growth. Tim for the amazing content on Stacking DAO Finally, Stacking DAO has processed another ~218,830 STX in Stacking rewards: Mint stSTX today and earn up to 9% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community: Join Stacking DAO Zealy space to earn rewards and more:


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