Stacking DAO Cycle Update: Wintermute and Asigna Collabs


July 5, 2024
Stacking DAO Cycle update is the perfect format for the community to explore the latest news and milestones. Stacking through Stacking DAO is becoming increasingly more appealing, with the yield rising to 9.75% APY based on data from the last two cycles. Regarding growth metrics, both STX deposits in the protocol and the total number of users are steadily increasing , showcasing the continuous adoption of Stacking DAO. In Stacks DeFi, stSTX remains the go-to asset, as shown by the on-chain data. stSTX represent: 92% of Zest Protocol TVL 73% of Arkadiko Finance TVL 39% of Bitflow TVL Partnership Updates Stacking DAO partnered with Wintermute , the leading trading firm focused on creating liquidity and efficient markets for digital assets. By working with Wintermute, stSTX liquidity is further unlocked, by allowing large holders to acquire stSTX through OTC deals with low slippage. Stacking DAO also integrated Asigna multisig solution to enhance the protocol security and push forward new security best practices within the Stacks ecosystem. Stacking DAO also completed a new audit for the V2 with CoinFabrik. Stacking DAO is strongly committed to continually strengthening the protocol and maintaining a high level of security. Other initiatives and news related to Stacking DAO Stacking DAO is the main sponsor of the Bitcoin Builders Conference in Nashville from July 24–26. It will be the perfect opportunity to meet the whole Bitcoin ecosystem. Stacking DAO team members will also attend ETHcc in Brussels next week. If you will be there, make sure to send a DM to Tycho . Stacking DAO hosted the Stacks DeFi show featuring Sovryn and Layer Bank, two prominent DeFi teams building on Bitcoin. Keep tuning in as more major players in the Bitcoin ecosystem will be joining. Zealy quests are ongoin g! Complete the quest to become eligible for daily USDC raffles and monthly rewards for the top 10 in the leaderboard. Finally, Stacking DAO has processed another ~218,660.00 STX in Stacking rewards: STX Transaction - 17b05...0ac70 Mint stSTX today and earn up to 9% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community: Join Stacking DAO Zealy space to earn rewards and more:


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