Stacking DAO Growth: The On-Chain Data Speaks For Itself


May 14, 2024
How fast has Stacking DAO been growing? Stacking DAO is moving the ecosystem forward, and the on-chain data speaks for itself. Protocol adoption metrics, stSTX usage in DeFi, and the enterprise-grade Signer network showcase Stacking DAO growth since launch. DeFi Metrics and Data stSTX adoption in DeFi skyrocketed as it unlocked new yield sources. DeFi users are always hunting for additional yield and point opportunities, and stSTX has enabled them to do that in the Stacks ecosystem. Right now, $35M worth of stSTX is in DeFi: 5.5M stSTX in Bitflow Finance 4.8M+ stSTX in Zest Protocol 4.2M+ stSTX in Arkadiko Finance 400k+ stSTX in Hermetica Finance 9k+ stSTX in Velar 30% of the stSTX supply is in DeFi, which helped bootstrap many Stacks protocols: Bitflow stSTX-STX pool accounts for 90% of their TVL Hermetica quickly attracted available liquidity with their stSTX vault stSTX became the main asset supplied on Zest protocol for collateral Basically, stSTX has become a go-to-asset for DeFi users & a way for protocols to draw liquidity. Bootstrapping Stacking DAO Signer Network STX deposits are now delegated to the best enterprise-grade validators in Web3 : • Luganodes • Chorus One • Kiln finance • Restake • Alum Labs • DeSpread Singers help secure Stacks & potentially improve yield, all while deposits are safe as smart contracts manage STX. The Stacking DAO Signer network has a strong track record: • More than 99% uptime • Billions in Staking managed • Working with the most successful Web3 companies By delegating 6M STX to each Signer, they will play a key aspect in securing Stacks. Stacking DAO Adoption Growth Since launch, the protocol has reached $110M+ in TVL (50M+ STX). It’s become the largest DeFi protocol on Stacks and across any Bitcoin L2. This was achieved by making it easy to participate in Stacking while earning DeFi yield. Stacking DAO also reached: • 31k+ total unique users • 500+ active addresses a week for months • Thousands of transactions on a weekly basis This clearly shows the Stacks community & other chain users' interests in Bitcoin L2s and Liquid Stacking. Mint stSTX today and earn a 6.35% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community:


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