The Biggest Opportunity in Bitcoin in 2023 is...


January 6, 2023
2023: it’s a good time to be building on Bitcoin. To be fair, it’s always a good time to be building on Bitcoin, but we digress. The Stacks ecosystem closed out 2022 with one of the biggest quarters yet, officially voting in the Stacks 2.1 upgrade while two new whitepapers were published that outlined a vision for an even more complete Stacks Bitcoin layer. In Q4, we also watched Clarity smart contracts grow over 100%, the network crossed 7 billion in total STX transferred, and we welcomed 84 new members to the talent pool , a growth of 44% from the previous quarter. As always, read on for stories and announcements from builders and companies, plenty of news and resources around sBTC and Stacks 2.1, videos from community leaders, event recaps, and more. Buckle up - here’s to a major year of building on Stacks! — The Stacks Foundation Team P.S. Didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas? Check out the new Stacks swag shop ! Unlocking Bitcoin’s Full Potential with sBTC sBTC in Coindesk:  Step Aside, Ethereum: Blockchain Project Stacks Wants to Bring Smart Contracts to Bitcoin Foundation blog:  Introducing sBTC and the ‘Nakamoto’ Release of Stacks Hiro blog : Unlocking Bitcoin’s Full Potential Muneeb on YouTube:  Introducing a Trustless 2-Way Peg Mechanism for Bitcoin : Foundation Video:  Read Bitcoin & Write to Bitcoin:   Foundation blog: Stacks 2.1 Upgrade is Official Xverse blog:  5 Ways 2.1 Will Unleash Bitcoin Bitcoin Unleashed:  How Continuous Stacking Will Improve Stacking: Bitcoin Unleashed : 2.1 - Why You Should Be Excited : Ryder: The World’s First Social Crypto Wallet   Zest Protocol launch:  Introducing Zest Protocol Ryder: Digital Twin Tags Xverse blog:  XVerse Launches Desktop Extension Foundation blog:  Builder Spotlight - BlockSurvey Xverse blog:  A Solution to Apple’s Big Block on NFT Transfers Xverse blog:  Announcing Xverse x Sigle Liquidium, the first NFT lending protocol on Stacks, launches on Mainnet: Liquidium, the first NFT lending procotol on @Stacks , is live on mainnet 🎉 Now you can borrow $STX against your @MegapontNFT ape 🦧 More information about the launch, a 🧵 — Liquidium Ӿ (@LiquidiumFi) Dec 31, 2022 ALEX:  New ALEX Tokenomics Proposals Foundation blog:  Developer Spotlight - Brice Dobry Foundation blog:  Builder Spotlight - Wow Labz Gamma blog:  “Peer to Peer” NFT Collection, focused on Gender Equity Xverse blog:  Luxury Brands Bullish on NFTs Updates from the Foundation Stacks, Post FTX Filing Community Survey Results Foundation Q3 OKR Report Foundation Q4 OKR Report Cohort 19 Grants Update Foundation blog:  Security, blockchain status updates Hiro blog:  September ‘22 release roundup New Twitter handle for status updates:  @StacksStatus Xverse blog:  Why Do .bns Domains Matter?   Unleashing Bitcoin:  Why Use Stacks as a Blockchain: Bitcoin Unleashed: $BTC x Ethereum Bridge: Web3 Miami Stackies 2022: Clarity Camp Holiday Hackathon Bitcoin Unleashed: Builders Edition Stay up to date with the Stacks Events calendar Find conferences, hackathons, recurring meetings, and more from throughout the Stacks Ecosystem. You can also submit events on behalf of your organization or local community. Publish on beehiiv


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