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April 20, 2022
Bitcoin Unleashed not only marked a major industry event but was a much-needed opportunity to reconnect with the Stacks community and build new relationships. For those that were able to make the trip to the notable (and beautifully decked out) Faena Forum in Miami, thank you. For all those that joined us virtually, thank you. We saw 650+ of you in person and 6,000+ people virtually to hear from 85+ speakers on panels, workshops, and AMAs. We heard developers, Stacks NFT projects, Stacks Venture teams, researchers, top media outlets and leaders in the blockchain space share their cutting edge research and current thinking about the future of decentralized technology. You can find all of the Bitcoin Unleashed talks on the Stacks YouTube channel, an overview of key takeaways below, and a photo gallery here . Thank you to our amazing sponsors who made sure we could organize the best event possible. A special thank you goes to our lead sponsors Hiro , CityCoins , and Xverse ; please be sure to see some important information from them below.  We will be back with another Bitcoin Unleashed Summit this fall to showcase Bitcoin innovation, development, and adoption - stay tuned for the exact date. The Stacks Foundation also hosts and coordinates events across the ecosystem including local community events, weekly Twitter Spaces, AMA’s, webinars, and more. You can check out the full calendar here .  Here's to unleashing more Bitcoin! Shannon Voight and the Stacks Foundation ❤️ Important Messages from our Sponsors Developer Updates from Hiro, Straight to Your Inbox — Hiro builds developer tools for Stacks, so you can build applications for Bitcoin. We regularly create educational resources so that you can better use Hiro tools, including Clarinet, the go-to tool for local smart contract development, and the Stacks API, a powerful interface to interact with the Stacks blockchain. Some of our recent resources include: How to authenticate your users with Stacks.js How to debug smart contracts with Clarinet’s inline debugger How to use NFT endpoints in the Stacks API Stay up to date with our product releases and educational resources by subscribing to our mailing list. To sweeten the deal, we’ll send you Hiro’s speaker decks from Bitcoin Unleashed too.  🠒  Sign Me Up XVerse: Your Gateway to Web3 on Bitcoin. — We hope you enjoyed the Xverse Wallet NFT gallery at Bitcoin Unleashed! We truly enjoyed seeing so many of you there. Try Xverse today and join our growing community on Discord and Twitter . 🠒 Download the app at ! Miami Developer Camp with Miami Dade College — The MiamiCoin community was honored to be part of hosting you all for Bitcoin Unleashed in our own backyard. If you know anyone that's interesting in learning to build on MiamiCoin, we're kicking off an exciting educational initiative for developers in partnership with Miami Dade College, Venture Miami, and the Stacks Foundation. 🠒 Build on the MiamiCoin network and unlock your city ⭐ New Stacks Vision Video Intro to Stacks - Unleash Bitcoin's Potential — An Introduction to Stacks - share this video with anyone that's new to Stacks to give a great peek into what building on Bitcoin is all about. 📌 Key Takeaways from Bitcoin Unleashed $165M Pledge to Support Bitcoin - Introducing The Bitcoin Odyssey . The Bitcoin Odyssey is designed to propel Bitcoin builders into this future. Mitchell Cuevas, Head of Growth at the Stacks Foundation, had a fireside chat with Daniel Gouldman, Co-founder and CEO of Unbanked, where they discussed Unbanked’s support for Stacks' STX Token . More coverage here .  CityCoins Community Lead Patrick Stanley presented a vision for CityCoins 2.0 : Ideas collected from many community discussions to further decentralize the CityCoins protocol and achieve faster city activation and capital deployment.  The Future of Stacks in 2022 with Muneeb Ali, Founder of Stacks and Co-founder and CEO of Trust Machines. New Stacks NFT projects presented as part of the Mintery led by Mitchell Cuevas and Ileana Malacrino. CEO and Director of Tucows, Elliot Noss sat down for a fireside chat with Alex Miller, CEO, Hiro to chat about the Difference between Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Permissionless Philanthropy - Crypto has been thrust into the spotlight as a major technological actor in the war on Ukraine. This session started with an address by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Bornyakov, who has been pivotal to the country's crypto efforts. How Bitcoin Can Be Used as a Savings Technology with Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, Muneeb Ali and MacKenzie Sigalos, Technology Reporter, CNBC. Social Money With Zuby & Aubrey Strobel - Aubrey (Author, Speaker, and Creator in the Bitcoin space, Formerly Head of Communications at Lolli) and rapper, author, podcaster and speaker Zuby sit down for a fireside chat about branding, Bitcoin and incentives for fans in the era of cryptocurrency. Publish on beehiiv


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