Stacking DAO Bi-Weekly Update: Onboarding new Signers and 50M+ STX Deposits Milestone.


May 9, 2024
Stacking DAO bi-weekly updates is the perfect format for the community to deep dive into the latest news and milestones. From reaching 50,000,000+ STX deposited to crossing 30K+ total unique addresses interacting with the protocol, Stacking DAO keeps growing, unlocking new liquidity for DeFi and securing the Stacks network. stSTX has officially been listed on CoinGecko , creating even more awareness about the Stacks ecosystem and pushing for more adoption. However, these weren't the only big milestones of the last two weeks. Let's take a closer look at what you have missed so far. Updates on Stacking DAO Signers Network. With a track record of $7B+ staked and 99.9% up-time , Kiln Finance joins the Stacking DAO Signers network. Working with an enterprise-grade staking platform like Kiln will bring a top-performing Signer to Stacks. Chorus One , another leading staking infrastructure provider for the largest Web3 enterprises, has joined the Stacking DAO Signer network. Even Newman Capital Venture Capital acknowledged Chorus One's significant contribution to Stacks' security. Restake , which offers advanced staking infra and is backed by Cowa Mining , the largest BTC miner in the EU, also joins the Signer network. Lastly, DeSpread , the Web3 strategy consultant and staking validator with $296 million in AUM, has joined the Stacking DAO Signer network. Their inclusion as a Signer will make the ecosystem more resilient. What happened in Stacks DeFi related to Stacking DAO? One thing is certain: stSTX reinforces its position as the go-to asset for DeFi on Stacks. It's no wonder why industry experts like Blockworks featured Stacking DAO in their daily newsletter. They noted Stacking DAO as one of the Stacks pioneers unlocking new use cases to activate the Bitcoin economy. Hermetica launched the stSTX earn vault in another exciting update, enabling new yield sources and point opportunities. Users who deposit stSTX into Hermetica vaults will receive a 50% points boost. If you are interested in learning how to use your stSTX in Hermetica, here is a comprehensive guide: What are the other ongoing initiatives and news related to Stacking DAO? Stacks , the leading Bitcoin L2, hosted a 5-Day (re)Stacking & Giveaway Week event, which included Stacking DAO. To mark the event, Stacks published a thread to educate users about Stacking DAO and the benefits of Stacking. Appreciating community educators such as: DekaDub (Community Support at Stacks) for publishing a guide on STX Stacking highlighting the importance of Stacking DAO to LST Stacksy for creating an informative thread on stacking DAO points. Stacking DAO leads the charge in further securing the network, as brilliantly explained by Fractured's thread. Roman started a discussion about the importance of Stacking DAO in the Stacks ecosystem. Tim appreciates the protocols on Stacks, Highlighting Stacking DAO's impressive feat despite the current bearish sentiment. Scorpy posted about Stacking DAO forming strategic partnerships with top validator operators. iiaone encouraged users to supercharge their Stacking DAO points with the Nakamoto Odyssey 20x boost. Lastly, Algorithm commends Stacking DAO for an ATH TVL in an open public stacking protocol across Stacks since the launch of Stacks 2.0. Finally, Stacking DAO has processed another ~100,709.50 STX in Stacking rewards: STX Transaction - 9fd74...09de4 Mint stSTX today and earn a 7% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community:


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