Stacks DeFi TVL: The Gateway Leading Bitcoin L2 Adoption


July 9, 2024
Stacks is the leading Bitcoin L2 and is poised to activate the Bitcoin economy once the Nakamoto upgrade and sBTC go live. For the network to achieve significant adoption throughout Web3, a robust DeFi ecosystem is essential . New DeFi primitives and use cases on the Stacks blockchain are emerging, but the ecosystem needs more liquidity and a stronger user base. Since Stacking DAO launched, 55M+ STX of liquidity has been unlocked via stSTX that can be deployed in DeFi. Around 40% of this liquidity flowed into Zest, Bitflow, Hermetica, Velar and Arkadiko . Stacking DAO sparked rapid TVL growth for Stacks DeFi, but the recent market downtown and ALEX hack caused TVL to plummet. Stacks TVL since 2022 There are still 30M+ stSTX left idle that can be deployed in existing DeFi apps to help boost Stacks TVL and foster protocols growth, and here is how you can do it. Stacks DeFi opportunities with stSTX 1)Zest Protocol Zest unlocked lending and borrowing of stSTX, enabling benefits such as: 50% Stacking DAO point boost Additional yield on Zest when depositing stSTX Accumulate Zest points and implement leverage trading strategies to maximize points generation 2)Bitflow Finance With Bitflow, users can swap stSTX for any asset on Stacks and provide liquidity in trading pools to enjoy: 250% Stacking DAO point boost on stSTX/STX LP positions Earn trading fees from Bitflow by escrowing LPs Accumulate Bitflow points when escrowing your stSTX/STX LPs 3)Hermetica Finance A waiting list is in place to access Hermetica stSTX options vaults. For those that already have access to it they are going to benefit from: 50% Stacking DAO point boost 16% average APY on amount deposited Hermetica points 4)Arkadiko Finance With Arkadiko, anyone can deposit their stSTX to mint USDA stablecoins that can be used across DeFi and enjoy a 50% Stacking DAO point boost 5)Velar Protocol Users can deposit on stSTX — aeUSDC Velar pool to earn fees generated by pool trades and enjoy a 50% Stacking DAO point boost Mint stSTX today and earn a 10% yield on your STX: Follow us on Twitter to always be up to date on Stacking DAO: For any questions or support, join our Discord community:


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