The Big Bitcoin NFT Edition 🦄


October 8, 2021
NFTs on Bitcoin are exploding thanks to Stacks creators. Earlier this week, Bitcoin Birds were gone within an hour, joining the likes of Stacks Pops, Punks, Monks, and more as freshly minted out menageries. Meanwhile, we were excited to share that Satoshibles are coming home , leveraging Stacks to make the move from Ethereum to Bitcoin, where they truly belong. Elsewhere, Boomboxes crossed over $1M in TVL , pushing the unique magic of yield generating NFTs forward in the name of Bitcoin DeFi. Overheard and seen in the last few days: "How do you keep up with the mints?!" "I want a damn Bitcoin Bird so bad it hurts" "Bitcoin literally makes your NFTs more valuable" Having FOMO? Don't stress. Although many collections have been fully minted, some great marketplaces (linked later in this email) are springing up where you can get your hands on all the new hotness. There, you'll also find a list of upcoming NFT drops so you can be ready to snag one when minting goes live. Personally, I can't wait for my very own Stacks Succulent , finally a plant I can't kill -  how about you?  See you at the mint! Mitchell Cuevas and the Stacks Foundation team 🚀 Stacks in the News MiamiCoin Does CNBC — “Watch out bitcoin, there's a new crypto in town. 😉 In August, CityCoins launched MiamiCoin, which the mayor says he hopes one day could fund city programs – and eventually even replace taxes. Kate Rooney has the story." Bitcoin NFTs Are Emerging on Stacks. Can They Thrive? — Hint: The answer is yes. NFTs are launching on Bitcoin. It's being done through Stacks, which settles its transactions to the leading crypto's blockchain. And, be sure not to miss your fellow Stacker, Alla from Layer, being quoted in Benzinga's breakdown of NFTs this week . Orbit Chain Integrates Stacks To Welcome Bitcoin To The Growing $80B DeFi Economy — The Orbit Chain team will integrate the Stacks blockchain and turn their attention to creating bridges between Stacks’s Bitcoin-connected blockchain and Orbit Chain’s growing ecosystem of public blockchains. 🦄 Back to the NFTs NFT Innovation We are really happy to announce that we are bringing Satoshibles NFT to Bitcoin via @Stacks 💪 This is going to be a first in the NFT space! 🚀 Find out more here:… #NFT #Bitcoin #BTC #nftcollector — Satoshibles (@satoshibles) Sep 17, 2021 This is so coo! I own a @satoshibles and when I move it to #bitcoin the background changes too.… — Charlie Shrem (@CharlieShrem) Sep 30, 2021 We've crossed $1 million in Boombox stacked value (all-time)! Many thanks to each and every one of you joining us on this ride! — Boom (@nft.btc) (@boom_wallet) Oct 3, 2021 @MetaPanda1 @Stacks NFTs on Bitcoin - nothing beats that — Brian Shin (@shbrianshin) Oct 3, 2021 Hot and hard to get: Byte Fighters | Crypto Graffiti | Hash One by ThisIsNumber1 | Foundation x Boomboxes | Bitcoin Birds | Stacks Pops | Genesis | Belle's Witches | Stacks Punks | Deruptars | PoX Monks | Phases of Satoshis | Mandelbrot | Blue Ridge Biker   Coming Soon: Satoshibles | Megapont | Satoshis Team | Funky Donuts | Toddler Hodlers | Space Whales | Mother of Satoshis | Stacks Succulents | Moonray (limited edition) | Stacks Scrabble | Namaste Punks from Stacks India | Stacks Pandas by Stacks China | Arties | LoopBombs | MRG.NYC | Flor Pena | Crash Punks | Cyberpunks and Cyborgs | NFTs by Sigle Giveaways and special releases Moonray Games special edition, join Discord Get your 100K Special Edition Foundation Boombox Stacks Pops Beauty Contest ! Marketplaces and Platforms Marketplaces are springing up to meet the demand, we welcome stxnfts and Stacksarts to the community. ThisIsNumber1 | Stacks Punks | Byzantion | Ruma | Open Art Source | Stacks Art | stxnfts Coming soon:  SuperFandom | Layer | Momento NFTs Still more: Still looking for more inspiration 😕 #BTC #NFT #STX #MotherofSatoshi @StxnftCom New series of Mother of Satoshi coming🔥🔥🔥 — vaguearts.btc (@vaguearts29) Oct 5, 2021 We're bringing #NFTs tradeable economy to an AAA Action RPG set in a far-future, surreal sci-fi world. This is not a cinematic trailer, it's real gameplay live in Unreal Engine today! EA Q1 22 NFTs dropping soon & generate DeFi yield in #Bitcoin ! 👇👇👇👇 — (@moonraygame) Sep 16, 2021 Loopbomb v1 STX We have a release date for @loopb0mb on @Stacks , 13th Oct ‼️ Limited run of #NFTs secured by #Bitcoin Peep 👁️ the Alpha test: #generativeart $STX @Stacks Community #nft . — 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘱𝘣𝘰𝘮𝘣 (@loopb0mb) Oct 5, 2021 💪Bitcoin DeFi Flexes On Bitcoin DeFi? "It's a Thing," Says Stacks Founder, Muneeb Ali - Decrypt Muneeb Ali of Stacks makes the case for bringing smart contracts—and, as a result, DeFi apps—directly to Bitcoin. A robust DeFi ecosystem is being built on bitcoin, by visionaries like @muneeb . Everything you need to know, in one podcast. — The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) Sep 30, 2021 Stoked to share the latest #StackerChat with Sungmin Aum of @Stacks wap1 and @LucidefiTweets building a DEX, token launchpad, and AI powered market forecast for DeFi on #Bitcoin and @Stacks 😮😎 Check it out & subscribe to the Hiro YouTube channel for more! — gina.btc (@Gina__Abrams) Sep 29, 2021 👀 In case you missed it... ‎Edge of NFT Podcast: NFTs And The Future Of Art With Risidio And Artist Chemical X + The NFT Metaverse Fashion Frontier, Hotwheels NFT and more... — ‎'Edge of NFT' hosts Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley & Josh Kriger bring in renowned guests, British contemporary artist Chemical X, and CEO of Risidio, Peter Ponton, to delve into the infinite possibilities that NFT art has to offer. Publish on beehiiv


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