What's Next For Building on Bitcoin & Bitcoin L2s? - Building on Bitcoin 2024


December 15, 2023
View Schedule 👇 10:00 AM ET How to Make Bitcoin (Safely) Multi-Chain Mod: Andre Serrano (Stacks Foundation) Alexei Zamyatin (Interlay), Engin Erdogan (Thesis), Justin Wang (Zeus Network) 10:20 AM ET The Case for Bitcoin L2s Mod: Brad Keoun (CoinDesk) Dovey Wan (Primitive Ventures), Rena Shah (Trust Machines), Willem Schroé (Botanix Labs) 10:45 AM ET A Global Perspective on the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Mod: Gina Abrams (Trust Machines) Daniel Fogg (IOV Labs), Melody He (Spartan Group), NFTSupply (SatRepublic), Trevor Owens (Bitcoin Frontier Fund) 11:10 AM ET Why Sotheby's Is Bullish on Ordinals Mod: Namcios (Bitcoin Magazine) Elizabeth Olson (Xverse), Michael Bouhanna (Sotheby's), Quary (Magisat) 11:30 AM ET The Future of Bitcoin with Muneeb Ali and Laura Shin Mod: Laura Shin (Unchained) Muneeb Ali (Trust Machines) 12:00 PM ET Signal21: Special Announcement Mitchell Cuevas (Stacks Foundation) Jonathan Sadlowe (Gossamer Capital) 12:40 PM ET After the ETF: Institutional Bitcoin 2.0 Mod: Kyle Ellicott (Bitcoin Frontier Fund) Chiente Hsu (ALEX), Eliézer Ndinga (21shares), Ryan Rasmussen (Bitwise) 1:10 PM ET Growth Spurt: What Bitcoin DeFi Should Learn From Other Chains Mod: William Foxley (Blockspace) Alex Miller (Hiro), Jake Margulies (Galxe), Sankha Banerjee (Babylon) 1:40 PM ET Understanding Liquid Stacking Mod: Andre Serrano (Stacks Foundation) Anuj Shankar (Luganodes), Jakob Schillinger (Hermetica), Tycho Onnasch (Zest Protocol), Tim Varner (Papaya) First came stacking. Now comes liquid stacking. Hear from the DAOs and projects behind the current wave of maximizing yield on DeFi. 2:00 PM ET Technical Session: The Life and Times of a Nakamoto Stacks Transaction Kenny Rogers (Stacks Foundation) 2:30 PM ET Technical Session: Preparing the Stacks API for Nakamoto Rafael Cárdenas (Hiro Systems) 2:55 PM ET Unraveling the Future with Bitcoin + AI Jason Schrader (Bitcoin AI Working Group) 3:00 PM ET Ready Layer 2: The Bitcoin Builder Competition Adam Haun (Stacks Foundation)


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