Why Do We Need Decentralized Finance?


April 20, 2023
DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged as a result of the advancements in blockchain technology, particularly in the development of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing programs that allow for automatic, trustless execution of contracts between parties. But why do we need to decentralize finance? 🔔 Start working in crypto with Stacks 🔔 Subscribe to newsletter: https://stx.is/Register-Newsletter-YouTube Free smart contract course: https://stx.is/Register-ClarityCamp-Youtube Available jobs: https://stx.is/Apply-Jobs-YouTube Free startup course: https://stx.is/Register-StartupLab-YouTube 👁‍🗨 Visit our website to find out more about Stacks: www.stacks.co Ӿ - Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable, enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts that inherit all of Bitcoin's powers - Ӿ


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